MF3D Protective Polyester Sleeves – Package of 50



NOTE: For ordering 5 or more packages (250+ sleeves), don’t use this webpage, instead, contact me directly for an invoice. I am able to offer reduced pricing for larger quantities:
50-200 sleeves: $0.75 each (the price here at the web store)
250-400 sleeves: $0.70 each
450-600 sleeves: $0.65 each
650+ sleeves: $0.60 each

The sleeves are made of 3 “mil” (aka thousandths of an inch) polyester, which is considerably more scratch-resistant than acrylic. The sleeves are quite transparent and do not degrade the slide very much when clean. The second image in the product listing is a transmittance spectrum. I wasn’t able to ensure that the sleeve was perfectly perpendicular to the optical axis, and so you shouldn’t read into the absolute transmittance numbers too much, but it does demonstrate the slight yellowish tinge to the sleeves (lower transmittance in the blue). The polyester is intended for “archival” use (it adheres to the Library of Congress Specification 500-500 and meets the requirements of the Photographic Activity Test ISO 18916). The sleeve is heat-sealed on the top and bottom and does not have any seams that can come undone or catch on the slot of a viewer. The supplier is Atlantic Protective Pouches.

There is one minor difference between these new sleeves and previous production runs. The sleeves are slightly looser than previous production runs with a seal-to-seal outside dimension is 3.375″ +/- 0.010″. The sleeves are packaged in a bag marked “2024 MF3D Sleeves” to indicate to future buyers that my comments here apply to sleeves with this marking.  Personally, I am very pleased with these sleeves and can confirm that they work well with the mounts that I sell.

These sleeves are designed for use with 132mm x 80mm cardboard mounts. With a bit of persuasion, they might be able to fit the thinner 80×140 Sam Smith-redesigned plastic 3D World mount, but I cannot guarantee that you will be satisfied with these sleeves for that purpose.

Additional information

Weight 0.122 kg
Dimensions 13.5 × 8.7 × 1.7 cm