Sputnik Lens Hood




This pair of lens hoods is designed for use with the Sputnik camera at apertures of f/22, f/16 and occasionally f/11. These lens hoods will vignette at larger apertures, however in practice, it hardly adds any more beyond the natural vignetting inherent in the design of the Sputnik’s lenses used without any hoods. The lens hoods are 24 mm long and do not intrude into the field of the Sputnik’s waist-level viewfinder, although the Sputnik’s case will not close when they are installed.

The lens hoods push on to the silver hub on the Sputnik’s front focusing cell.  They need to be removed to adjust focus, but for common stereo practice of selecting a single desired aperture and setting the focus at the hyperfocal distance, this does not present much of a hindrance. Being a one-piece construction, they may help to reduce vibrations of front cell by lightly preloading the lens cells against each other.

These lens hoods are made of PLA printed plastic and may soften and distort at temperatures over 60 Celsius (e.g. if left in a hot car). If you want to print your own, I am supplying the design file free of charge at the following links:

For the geeks: the functional aperture is 33.3 mm with 4.7mm diameter corners located approximately 41 mm from the entrance pupil.  The parametric Fusion 360 file is provided at the above links in case you want to make changes. Perhaps one change that may be needed is the lens separation. The parameter named “rim-to-rim” controls this and refers to an outer dimension measured across the “hubs” where the hood press-fits onto. Refer to the image where this dimension is indicated in red. I have personally tested the lens hood on Sputniks with rim-to-rim spacings between 89.9 mm and 90.9 mm which all fit properly with the design dimension set to 90.5 mm, but perhaps it will not fit properly on all Sputniks outside this range.

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Weight 0.019 kg
Dimensions 104 × 44 × 24 cm